Monday, 12 November 2007

Sam Stovall

I first heard about Sam Stovall, who is the Chief Investment Strategist at Standard & Poor's, from Conrad Alvin Lim when I attended the Wealth Academy workshop. Sam Stovall wrote a book on Sector Investing. Conrad had used his model and showed us a demonstration on how this model works till today even though Sam Stovall wrote the book back in 1996. What Conrad had shown really impressed me a lot. I have always been a stock centric person and never really take the times to understand how the money flows from the one sector to the other. Hence after learning what Conrad had taught me, I decided to find more information regarding sector rotation, sector investing etc.

I found this very good article in Investopedia which you may be interested to take a look. I also found a research written by Sam Stovall. I have provided the links of the article and the research here. You can simply click on the links.
  1. Article about Sector Rotation
  2. Demystifying Stock Research


Investing in Stock said...

hi, it worth it to do his paid seminars ?
2. are his trading systems really working ?
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Neaven said...

Hi, thanks for being the first to leave a comment in my blog. To answer your questions,

I attended the wealth academy not Conrad's trading course. Well, I guess its really up to individual to see if it is really worthwhile. Initially I thought what they taught were all written in their books. But the last two days were really very exciting and mind blogging for me. You need to have the right psychology and mindset. The course does not focus a lot on trading but investing. Conrad's trading course might focus on trading portion. You may want to go down and see his preview talk to see if it suits you.

Lastly, thanks for your tips. I'm using Schweser guide. Anymore tips to share? :)