Monday, 14 July 2008

Actual Operation of Warrant Trading (Part 6)

This is the last post of the Actual Operation of Warrant Trading. In our last post, we will talk about the last trading day, expiry date and payout date.

If an investor waits until the maturity to ask the broker to sell his warrant holdings on hand, the instruction may be rejected. It is because that the last trading day has passed!

If it is only at the last minute that you find out the last trading day is before the expiry date, you might have lost the last chance for selling. Under the requirements of the Singapore stock exchange, the last trading day of a warrant must be the fourth trading day (excluding any Saturday, Sunday or public holiday) before its expiry date. In fact, investors may work that out for themselves with reference to the expiry date disclosed by the issuer.

Let us look at the example of SPCSGAECW081013. From the code, the expiry date is on the 13th October 2008 and the last day of trading will be on 7th October 2008 that is fourth trading day before expiry. Based on these terms, the trading came to an end after 7th October 2008.

When a warrant has expired, the issuer will transfer the settlement amount to the securities settlement account of the investor through the Central Depository (CDP). Generally, the payout date is around three working days afterwards when the money is transferred to the CDP (depending on the specific arrangements of the issuer concerned). The money will then be redirected to the investor by his or her broker or bank.

There will always be 5 valuation dates. In other words, the closing price of a valuation date may be used twice should there be a Market Disruption Event (MDE) on the previous valuation date. The Macquarie Warrant Hotshot competition begins today at 0900H, all the best for those who have sign up for the game.


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